Hajj Terminal Complex

Our Success Story

The Hajj Terminal Complex (HTC) at Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz In­ternational Airport is an expan­sive facility covering an area of 90,000 square meters. It received The Agha Khan Award for Archi­tecture for the brilliant and imag­inative design of the tent-like roof structure covering the vast space. It is the largest cable-stayed, fab­ric roofed structure in the world. The airport complex contains 166 check-in counters, 88 remote check-in counters and 210 pass­port-control counters. It has 14 boarding lounges with two sepa­rate first-class lounges and a VIP lounge area.The restaurants and shopping facility covers an area of 15,000 square meters where­as 40 prayer areas and 32 loca­tions of toilets and changing areas are available around the terminal. There is a centralized baggage handling area and the terminal parking has a capacity for 116 buses.

+80 Million

Total Passengers Served

+390,000 Flight

Total Flights Served

The HTC’s flexible design caters to the unique operability of Hajj and Umrah with an annual ca­pacity of 13 million passengers. It is a hub for millions of passen­gers who converge in Makkah to perform the annual Hajj pilgrim­age and is a massive operations feat that tests the limits of the terminal’s efficient systems and services. The HTC offers exclusive services unique to its customers. Health, banking and commercial ser­vices, hotel rooms, shopping and restaurants, dedicated prayer ar­eas, specialized changing and shower facilities, and other guest support services provide a com­plete solution to its travelers.

Project Elements

Terminal Building Area
90,000 m2
Open Served Area (Plaza)
160,000 m2
Passport Counters
210 Counters
Check in Counters
166 Counters +
88 Counters (remote)
Baggage Claim
1.180 Km
Boarding Lounges
14 lounge
VIP Lounges
2 Lounges
520 m2
123 Rooms
Restaurants and shopping
15,000 m2
Prayer Areas
40 Prayer Areas +1 Main Masjid